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3 Tips To Help Someone With Dementia Get Dressed More Independently

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If someone close to you has dementia, it can be heartbreaking to watch him or her struggle with everyday tasks. For example, your loved one might have trouble with things like getting dressed in the morning. You may want to help your loved one stay as independent as possible, and there are steps that you can take that will make this easier. These are a few steps that can make getting dressed easier for those with dementia:

1. Choose Items That Are Easy to Put On

When shopping for new clothing for your loved one or when sorting clothing that he or she already has, consider looking for items that are easy to put on. Dresses that slip on and that don't have zippers or buttons are ideal for women since they can be easily slipped on and don't have to be matched with anything. Pull-up slacks with elastic waistbands and T-shirts, sweaters and other shirts that don't have zippers or buttons are also a great idea. Flip-flops, sandals, flats and slip-on sneakers that don't have to be tied are also a good choice for those with dementia.

2. Pick a Wardrobe That Matches

Another thing to consider when buying or sorting clothing is to choose items that match with one another. For example, choosing pants and shirts in coordinating colors -- such as choosing khaki-colored or denim pants that match with shirts in just about any color -- can make it easier for your loved one to pick out outfits and can help prevent an embarrassing fashion faux pas.

3. Store Entire Outfits Together

One good idea to make independent dressing easier is to store entire outfits together. Consider rolling up outfits that include underwear, shirts, pants, socks and any other necessary clothing, or hang up entire outfits on a hanger. You can also consider laying out an outfit on the dresser for your loved one each day, putting the items that are put on first on top so that they will be reached first. This can help simplify the process while allowing your loved one to remain somewhat independent.

Many people don't realize the many struggles that those with dementia deal with, but having trouble with getting dressed is just one of many issues. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you can make it easier for your loved one to get dressed without too much assistance or too many problems. Click here for additional info on memory care.