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Assisted Living Options For Couples

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It can become difficult to care for your parents as they age, especially if both of them are beginning to need more help for daily living. Assisted living communities are often seen as a solution for a single parent, but what about for married couples? Fortunately, you have several options and this guide can help you select the best one.

Option #1: Look Into Private Living Communities

These communities provide clients with their own apartment within in the community, which makes them an excellent option for a couple where at least one person is still capable of some independent living. Generally, each unit has a bedroom, living area, bathroom, and small kitchen. The community also provides onsite nursing care and therapy services, along with meal service and dining options for those that are unable or prefer not to cook. Those in the private apartments also usually have use of in-home care, such as help with grooming or cleaning.

Option #2: Find Out About Dual Occupant Rooms

What about when neither parent is capable of living on their own? In this case you must look into a facility that offers dual occupant rooms for married couples. These rooms generally have two beds and a single bathroom. There is also typically a table, chairs, and television set. These rooms are very much like a hotel room. These rooms are a good option for couples that don't want to be separated but that can no longer live independently.

Option #3: Choose a Facility With Multiple Options

The biggest challenge may be when one parent can live somewhat independently and the other one needs more in-depth nursing care. In this case, options are what matters. Choose a facility that has plenty of active residents and social activities for the parent that is still independent. They can take advantage of the nursing care they do need, while still enjoying a relatively active life. The facility should also offer the more in-depth and specialized care the other parent requires, such as mobility assistance or Alzheimer's care.

Your parents may need to stay in separate rooms, depending on the level of care necessary, but they will still be able to maintain their identity as a couple. Shared meal times, use of private visiting areas, and activities aimed at couples should be available. Make sure the staff understands the situation and provides opportunities for your parents to be together whenever it is possible.

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