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Is Independent Living Right For Your Mom? Factors To Consider

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When your mother begins to show signs that aging is taking its toll on her, you may find yourself in an uncertain position. On the one hand, you worry about her health and safety. And on the other hand, you do not want to move her into a new living situation that she will not enjoy or that takes away her freedoms and independence when she is still capable of performing many important tasks herself. This may lead you to consider whether or not an independent living home would be the right living environment for your mom. Get to know some of the important factors to consider so that you can better know if independent living will work for her. 

Independent Living and Daily Living Tasks

If your mom moves into an independent living community, the expectation is that she can still complete their daily living tasks like bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting on her own without assistance from community staff. Basically, your mom will be changing her residence but not receiving constant daily care from nurses or aides.

Of course, if she ever does have a problem or issue arise with such tasks, there will be help available. If, for example, she wants to wear a shirt that she simply cannot get buttoned up on her own, staff will be able to help out. And, if your mom has lived in independent living for a while and starts to need more assistance and care, you can also have home health care services come in and assist her around her independent living apartment so she does not need to move again.

Independent Living Offers More Lifestyle Choices

The best part about independent living for seniors is that there are more choices available that in assisted living or nursing homes. Because independent living is often apartment or condo living, your mom will be able to choose whether or not she has a guest room, has people stay overnight, how the apartment is furnished or decorated, and the like.

One of the added lifestyle bonuses is that independent living communities are more likely to welcome residents who have pets to stay and bring their pets along. Pet-friendly independent living communities help seniors to feel more at home and relaxed. It can also prevent seniors from being forced to give up their beloved four-legged companion, who is an important part of their life and happiness.

Now that you know a few of the important factors to consider about independent living for your mom, you can better decide if this is the right situation for your mom. Contact a local provider, such as Kind-er Care, Inc., for further assistance.