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Short-Term Rehab: Beneficial For A Stroke Patient

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Sometimes it is necessary for a stroke patient to stay at a short-term rehab facility in order to transition to living independently again. Getting rehabilitation as soon as possible after the stroke occurs makes a large difference in the patient's optimal recovery. Places that offer this type of rehabilitation are hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities. Where the person receives treatment often depends on his or her insurance company, but it is vital in the overall recovery.

Issues from a Stroke

Depending on the severity of the stroke, patients may experience extreme weakness and even paralysis. This often occurs on one side of the body. Other common detriments include issues with speech, balance, writing, hand/eye coordination and trouble swallowing. Many stroke patients have difficulty performing daily tasks that allow him or her to live alone, such as grooming, bathing, dressing or preparing a meal. Other issues the individual may deal with are pain, depression, muscle spasms or controlling the bowel, bladder and even his or her emotions.

Why Rehabilitation is Wise

Stroke patients may not be able to get out of bed by themselves and are often prone to falling. These issues make it risky for the patient to live with relatives who are not trained in assisting individuals with these problems. A short-term rehab facility has professionals who can supply round the clock care and know best how to assist the stroke patient without injuring the patient or straining their own backs.

The rehabilitation staff helps the patients relearn simple tasks that are necessary for daily living, like how to hold a toothbrush or silverware, put on their shoes, or write. The treatments that the patient receives in the facility may include speech, physical and occupational therapy. Exercise goals are more likely to be met when the therapist motivates the patient. Family members are often too lenient in allowing the patient to skip the exercises and other therapies if the patient isn't in the mood. Counseling is also available for the stroke patient, and it is often quite instrumental in helping the individual reach a full recovery. The staff at the rehab facility knows how to motivate and encourage the patients so that they reach the goals the doctors have set for them.

It may be disheartening for a stroke patient to have to endure rehab. The therapies often seem too elementary to make a real difference. However, over time, the efforts will be well worth the time they spent in the rehab process. If you're looking for short-term rehab for your loved one, go to site.