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Searching For A Nursing Home For Your Parent? 2 Activities That Can Boost Their Health

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When looking for a nursing home for your parent, your top priority is making sure it is clean, is well-staffed around the clock, and the nursing home has a good reputation. Something else you should consider when considering one is the activities they offer to their guests. It is important to keep your parent as active as they can. Most nursing homes offer many activities for their guests but the two below can be very beneficial in boosting your parent's health.


If your parent has dementia or Alzheimer's disease, dancing can reduce the occurrence of their symptoms. It does matter what type of dancing they do, however. For example, freestyle dancing requires constant, fast decision making which gives the brain a good workout. The music should be upbeat so they will naturally move around more.

If your parent has Parkinson's disease, dancing the Tango can help ease their symptoms, which can then help your parent feel less depression. Dancing will improve your parent's physical health as dancing is a form of exercise.

Ask the nursing home how often they hold the dance classes. To get the most benefit from them, your parent should dance a few times per week instead of once or twice a month.

Activities with Family

In some cases, the elderly at nursing homes feel like they have been forgotten, especially if they do not spend a lot of time with their family. To keep this from happening, the nursing home should regularly have activities that involve the family. For example, during Halloween, the nursing home may have pumpkin carving or at Christmas you could help your parent decorate a Christmas tree in their room.

The nursing home may go on outings and ask the family to go, such as to the library, to a movie, or go to a beautiful park in the area. The nursing home may also hold children activities to get the grandchildren involved, such as an Easter egg hunt or something as simple as coloring with your parent.

In the spring, you could help your parent plant flowers or a small vegetable garden if this is allowed. You could then come back regularly to help them take care of their garden.

No matter the activity, your parent will feel like they are still part of the family and will enjoy spending this time with you.

If your parent has in home care, you should still consider doing these activities with them.