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4 Keys To Touring A Senior Living Home Successfully

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Finding the right assisted living community, like Crimson Ridge Meadows, requires more than simply choosing the closest one that fits into your budget. It's vital to make sure the community is a perfect fit since this is likely to be a life-long living choice. The key is to not only tour a sampling of communities, but to tour them effectively. The following are a few of the keys to successful touring.

Key #1: Time Your Visit Properly

Community is one of the major resources of an assisted living facility. Time your visit so it coincides with two events – an activity and a meal. For example, visit a community for lunch and then stay for the after lunch activity. Most communities will allow prospective residents sample a meal, but you may be limited to being a spectator for the activity. Not only is this a chance to sample the food and see how well activities are attended, it also gives your loved one time to greet and talk with fellow residents.

Key #2: Make Time for the Full Tour

Few people enjoy being indoors all the time, so it's important that the facility has plenty of outdoor areas for residents to enjoy. This means that you may want to reschedule your tour if bad weather is going to prevent a full tour of the grounds. Check to see what outdoor amenities are offered, such as park areas, walking areas, or activity fields. Also, compare these to indoor amenities, such as rec rooms, exercise rooms, and other facilities. The goal is to have plenty of mental and physical stimulation onsite.

Key #3: Watch Their Attitude

Staff attitude and the attitudes of residents around the staff can provide an important hint about the culture and attentiveness of the community. The best signs to see are residents that comfortable and familiar with staff members, and staff that are friendly and attentive to the residents' needs. Ask about the turnover rate – a low rate of staff turnover is usually a good sign since this means staff enjoys their job. It's also a good idea to talk to a few residents and their families about how they are liking the facility.

Key #4: Look At the Safety Features

Most assisted care facilities should be fully equipped with accessibility and safety features. This means grab bars in restrooms, wide doorways for walkers and wheelchairs, and few if any steps at any part of the property. You also want to make sure that the outdoor grounds are secure, especially if residents are allowed outside unsupervised or if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer's or dementia. In this case, you want a facility that monitors all exits. It's also important to ask about safety features that apply directly to your loved one's health, such as medicine dispensing procedures or whether a nurse is on duty to attend to any health crises.