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Good Reasons To Choose A Nursing Home With A Dedicated Nursing Staff

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While choosing to put an elderly loved into a nursing home is never an easy task, making sure you select one that can provide the highest level of medical care is important. Nursing homes that have a full-time physician on staff are best. However, finding a nursing facility with a full-time doctor on staff can be challenging because most nursing homes are only staffed with registered and practitioner nursing professionals. Choosing a nursing facility with a dedicated, full-time nursing staff can have many benefits for your elderly loved one.

Round The Clock Medical Providers For Emergencies

In most nursing home settings, elderly residents are transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital in the event of a medical emergency. In many cases, elderly folks are also sent to the hospital via ambulance even when their condition is not a life-threatening emergency. Because of non-emergency medical transport and hospitalization, you or loved one may be charged more for medical care that could have been provided in the nursing home. An example would be a resident dealing with a persistent cough and nasal congestion. If that person is treated right away and care for the cough and congestion are maintained at the nursing home, no hospital stay would be necessary. Talk to residents and their family members at the home you are considering about the level of care they get for learning more about primary, on-site medical care provided by the nursing staff.

Unfortunately, many nursing homes are required to call an ambulance for transporting residents to hospitals when no physician is regularly on staff. Many nursing homes staff only nurses and a doctor is usually only available for resident issues over the phone. For this reason, choosing a facility with the highest qualified, round-the-clock nursing staff is vital to your loved one's urgent care.

Knowing Your Loved One Personally Matters

When your loved one is seen by the same nurses on a regular basis, they get to know your loved one on a more personal basis. When something is bothering an elderly person, a nurse that cares for him or her every day will be more likely to notice it, even if it is only a slight change in behavior. Selecting a facility that has little to no nursing turn-over is important for your loved one to have the same nursing staff every day.

Knowing your elderly loved one is in good hands when you walk out of the door of a nursing home is a good feeling. The choice to have someone placed in a nursing facility can be hard, but when you know the facility is top-notch and has a medical staff you can trust, leaving that person there is a lot easier.